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Paid Search

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One of the biggest challenges for any website is generating traffic. Paid search marketing (also known as pay-per-click, PPC or search engine advertising) is one of the fastest ways to start driving qualified traffic to your website. Promote your ads at the top of Google Search by bidding on the keywords your customers are actively searching for. You only pay when potential customers click on your ad and visit your website. We implement and manage PPC campaigns with your specific goals in mind. We get to know your customer persona and create ads tailored for them. Our end goal is generating the right kind of traffic to your site. We do this by constantly monitoring, measuring, and refining your Ad campaigns. Website owners bid on a given keyword (or phrase), then appear in the sponsored search results when a user searches for that keyword. If the user clicks through to the website, the website owner pays a small fee. While this is simple in process, it is quite difficult to execute and manage. Many businesses try and fail at PPC because they underestimate the amount of work that goes into planning, launching, and optimizing a PPC campaign.

PPC keywords bids vary in cost, with popular keywords costing upwards of hundreds of dollars and unpopular keywords costing mere pennies. Budget, niche and goals all play a role in selecting the right keyword. As a website owner, you can select the maximum amount of money you want to pay for a given keyword. If no one clicks on your ads, you will not be charged.

Since over 20 percent of users click on one of the sponsored links, your chances of winning web traffic from PPC advertising increases greatly when you’re implementing the proper strategy. In an effective pay-per-click marketing campaign, the cost of traffic is offset by the amount of money generated when users convert. Of course, you need to ensure that your landing page drives users through the conversion process to maximize your return on investment.