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Search Engine Optimization

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Compelling content isn’t worth much unless your customers can find it. Find out how your company can become the “best answer” for customers actively looking for your solutions with Spark Marketing’s optimization services.

Search engines, consumer searching behaviors and search engine optimization have all changed. Today, thanks to smarter and more sophisticated algorithms, modern search engines have gotten better than ever at understanding, measuring and rewarding the kinds of factors that go into a great web experience for humans. Because of these frequent and sometimes unexpected changes, we constantly adapt our approach and our processes to help our clients gain relevant organic traffic to their website.


Today’s buyers have become more sophisticated which means that the way a company approaches Search Engine Optimization must evolve as well. The expectation for content quality among customers has raised and search engines have become very precise at understanding the intent behind search queries. This combination should lead marketers to one simple conclusion: if you want to rank well within search engines, you must appeal to your audience. Our methodology has been applied across hundreds of client internet marketing programs, helping to increase sales, leads and search visibility.