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Social Advertising




So you want to advertise on social media? It’s a quickly evolving and super competitive arena fraught with challenges and there’s virtually no support from the networks. But that’s not why we love it! We love social advertising because it allows us unprecedented access to audiences and the ability to segment using the most sophisticated targeting capabilities out there. For many of our clients, social ads comprise the bulk of incoming leads and/or sales. Every year, we manage hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad spend for our clients. Every day, we compete against the world’s biggest brands in the most unpredictable, cut-throat, auction-based bidding platforms. And, we’ve been told that we are able to get cost per clicks lower than they even knew was possible.


Facebook remains the largest social network with the greatest reach and the most sophisticated advertising capabilities. Facebook Ads represent both an awesome opportunity and a tremendous challenge. Due to increased competition and an ever-evolving platform, managing Facebook Ads takes a combination of creativity, analytical skill, and experience. But with the Spark Marketing Facebook Ads team in your corner, Facebook Ads will become one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal.

We’ve built entire businesses using the Facebook Ads platform. Facebook allows you to extend your reach far beyond the confines of traditional search or display marketing. Rather than waiting for prospects to “search” for you or “find” you, you actively engage and build your audience, and convert them into paying customers.

Facebook is not just a social network. It’s also the smartest and most flexible of the social ad networks. It offers tremendous advantages over many other ad platforms, including:

Access to a vast pool of untapped potential customers.
Micro-targeted demographic/psychographic segmentation.
The ability to create custom audience tailored to your customer personas.


Leverage the Largest B2B Network on the Internet. You can accomplish some pretty impressive stuff with LinkedIn Ads and here’s why: Nowhere else on the Internet can you hyper-target such a massive volume of professionals while they’re in ‘work mode’ and looking for new opportunities, technology, and knowledge. With LinkedIn’s advertising platform, you can target prospects by their industry, company, company size, job title, education, skills, and even the LinkedIn groups they belong to. Utilizing LinkedIn’s diverse targeting capabilities, we focus our marketing efforts on very specific, high-value prospects, often for low costs per acquisition.


We know how to use Twitter advertising to pump up instant website traffic. Twitter is great because of the sharing-nature of the platform. Often times, if someone sees something they find interesting on Twitter, they will share it with their friends. We promote tweets and boost website ads on Twitter to people who are likely to show interest in it. Unlike Facebook, we can target people based on the keywords they search and Twitter pages they follow. We can assume that if someone tweets about certain topics or follows certain pages, they are likely to be interested in your product or service. We use in-depth insights to find key opportunities for your brand to rapidly grow through Twitter advertising. We create ads to get your business in front of the Twitter users who are already following your competitors and are likely in the market to buy or switch to a similar product or service. Genius!


Instagram is one of the most effective social platforms for marketers and business owners. More than 173 billion photos have been shared on Instagram. With an average of 95+ million uploaded each day; that’s a ton of selfies. But it also means a lot of money for hungry brands and businesses who are figuring out how to use this fast-growing social network. Instagram attracts multitudes of users and can pay dividends in brand loyalty, web traffic, and positive PR when used correctly.

Instagram not only allows your followers an insight into the personality behind your brand, it allows you to create an entire lifestyle around your product and guides your followers to feel what it is like to have your products as a part of their lives.