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Dr. Martha M. Rodriguez – M.D., PCMH

The Spark Marketing team are my marketing geniuses! They have worked with my practice for an amazing branding campaign which encompasses several aspects of marketing…everything from a new logo to social media, online ads campaign, a new website, promotional materials, email marketing, and video. Outstanding results…Exciting!!

Dr. Martha M. Rodriguez - M.D., PCMH
Owner, President MMR Healthcare

Kimberlee Duke Marshall

Spark Marketing brings a rare gift to the world of internet marketing. Most importantly, they listen to clients, they are intelligent, well-versed in their field and aren’t afraid to offer suggestions in positioning your business for the best marketable advantage. Spark has their finger on the pulse and will get you where you want to go.

Kimberlee Duke Marshall
A division of Konica Minolta

Travis Fore, CEO Azure Naturals

With dedication, professionalism, and innovative concepts, the Spark Marketing team has brought the Azure Naturals brand to life through social media platforms. The number of fans/likes has grown by the thousands and the fan engagement is constant. Sales, conversion, and customer interaction have been impressive to say the least!

Travis Fore
CEO Azure Naturals

Debbie Berman, Owner Shop DNA

The Spark Marketing team worked with me closely on my online marketing campaign and always exceeded my expectations. Dedicated, available, consistent, professional, and intelligent are just a few words I would use to describe my experience. Excellent communication with me and always accessible.

Debbie Berman
Owner Shop DNA